Academic Resources

– Academic Resources

One invaluable tool for your studies will be your ‘academic resources’, which is your catalogue of references, source for citations or library. It’s next to impossible to remember the exact specifics of all the information you’ve come across, so it’s going to be important to build yourself a well rounded library. Your library should consist of your own personal notes, books and documents on the subjects you’re studying (and have studied) and especially documents where important figures in your field have expressed their views. Having this collection of all your ‘go to’ source material is actually an indispensable aspect of your studies. You can even think of this pool of information as representation of your overall knowledge. Today, your academic compendium can be compiled through a more technological format as opposed to a physical one. Cataloguing your notes on a laptop or external drive is a popular alternative, you can even use apps such as Google Docs, and Evernote, to do so. While building an e-library and using is always an efficient way to pull up information, some people just love books. Either way this is never something to neglect, and always something to turn to throughout your studies and academic journey.

Prose and Art by:

Asher Aries


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