Untitled Poem #1

I realize a god’s love with fear of what’s above,

As above, so below, you know?

Through the door we reach another floor, higher up, in abrupt –

Fashion, we come crashin’, down, to the ground.

Our emotions are masked in; Insecurities,

Like autumn’s trees experiencing the birds and the bees,

Our pollen is transferred from the fallen degrees

Of our past deceased, and the leaves are the keys to our needs.

Hear me now:

The planets in our solar system are nothing but

Super molecules, Adam’s atoms, giant protons with their orbiting electron satellites.

We are part of and make up something bigger

Proven by philosophy and mathematical rigour,

Their positions trigger emotions in man.

We used to call this God’s plan,

But now we’re ego driven to sinnin’.

On the whim of our unconscious tendencies, we roll up on our enemies.

Not realizing we are sick from the television and the drugs in our fake food,

We make moves and suffer disorders of our moods.

The interludes of life disrupt the strife.

But we keep troddin’ not knowin’ where we are goin’.

So, hear me now:

Go explore before your expiration,

Don’t reap the spoils of exploitation,

Because the journey’s end is at it’s destination,

So enjoy the time while you’re wastin’.

Live life, and lie in your dreams,

Be seen, and hold honour amongst your team.

These ideas, are ideology lobotomies,

Because apparently technologies be solvin’ all the problems that we’ve been havin’.

Try and imagine.

What’s the basis? When we’re all just race-less faces in the matrix.

I feel an obligation to make an observation,

In demonstration. In relation, based on the segregation people are still facin’.

If the body is the temple, and the temple is the church,

Why can’t I just draw a square outside a circle and end my search?

  • fin

Poetry and Art by:

Asher Aries


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